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Can Cats Eat Fruits – Thoughts to Ponder

There are some plant foods that were found to be toxic to pets such as dogs and cats. Hence you want to be familiar with what to avoid as well as prevent access to. If you are not sure if cats can eat fruits, you can check with your vet to ensure your planned treats will not be harmful to your pet. Keep in mind also that cats are carnivorous. They can be very picky about what they eat and are also incapable of digesting certain types of foods.

There are some healthy treats that can go well with most pets. They include apples with their cores removed, strawberries, blueberries, frozen bananas, watermelon without the seeds, carrots, both raw and cooked, green beans, sweet potatoes, lettuce, spinach, squash and catnip or cat grass.

While dogs enjoy the delicious sweet taste of fruits, cats cannot actually taste sweet foods. They actually do not appreciate some fruits no matter how sweet they taste. In fact, some cats do not eat any fruit at all.

Some of the types of human foods that you should never give your cat include grapes and raisins. They contain chemical compounds that can be very toxic to cats and even dogs. They also should not have avocado and fruits with pits like cherries, peaches and plums. That is because the pit can be sometimes toxic or can present a choking hazard to cats. You should also not allow your cat to eat foods with garlic and onions. These spices have chemical properties that are not only toxic but can be potentially life-threatening to both cats and dogs. Tomatoes are a big no-no too. Mushrooms, specifically wild mushrooms should never be given to cats. Nuts can also be toxic to cats especially macadamia nuts.

There are some great ways to feed healthy and safe treats for your cat. The foods should be steamed or baked, sliced up in small pieces and given only in small amounts at a time. This can prevent choking as well as carbohydrate and calorie overload. You can serve fruits and vegetables by themselves or puree them and mix with the food you prepared and give at meal times.

Replacing the high-fat, dense packaged treats of your cat with healthy treats such as fruits and vegetables is one of the most beneficial and favorable things you can do for your pet. Over time, the health and immune system of your cat will become stronger, again won’t be as severe as you expect it and her weight will stay steady. If ever weight is already an issue, you can see the weight of your pet becoming more manageable by sticking to it and including moderate exercise.

A small change in the diet of your pet should be accompanied by careful observance of any issue that may arise in response to such change. If your cat is starting to show some behavioral or digestive changes, stop giving the new foodstuff and ask your vet about what you can do in case the problem stays in the absence of the food added.

5 Solutions to Handle Cat Behavior Problems Once and For All

Quite a few people that get a cat as a family pet at some point in time may possibly notice a quantity of cat behavior problems. These are behaviors which you usually do not want your own cat doing including eating other cats’ food, leaping upon furniture, aggression, litter box problems, and scratching. There are usually 5 fascinating things that you’ll be able to do which will help you take care of these types of behaviors.

Cat eating other cats’ food.

Occasionally moving one cat away from the remainder of the group may be a solution. This may be feeding the problem one in a different room. Other times it may mean feeding those who are not getting enough at a distinct time.

Cats leaping on furniture.

Use water to your greatest benefit. Water is actually something which almost all cats don’t like. In the event that your cat is actually getting up on furniture for example, spraying a little bit of water upon the cat will certainly be very efficient. This is actually a tool which you should use in moderation to help along with improper habits.

Cats being far too aggressive.

There are usually a lot of problems including aggression which are brought on by the cat being far too lonely. In the event that the animal is actually at home for hours on end alone, it seems sensible that the cat is acting out. Occasionally having some other cats in your own home might help. Additionally stopping aggression the minute you observe it, especially in a young cat is important.

Cats not necessarily using the kitty litter box.

At times you could notice that a cat isn’t using the kitty litter box. This may be for a wide selection of factors. Occasionally you have to keep the kitty litter box cleaner because this particular cat could be more fussy. Sometimes you might need to supply a second litter box that is closer so that you can keep away from this challenge.

Cats scratching furniture.

Giving your own cats something to scratch upon occasionally may help reduce this challenge. Many times utilizing distraction may be a fantastic tactic to use when your own cat is actually being bad. If your cat is actually doing something you can’t stand, distracting with a toy is one thing which you ought to consider. Often this helps keep your cat from continuing doing items that you do not like. Keep at it and your cat’s behavior will change.

Pet Dental Care Tips

Your pets should receive regular dental care at home in order to avoid the onset of any dental disease. It has been observed that the pets that are given regular dental care at home rarely develop dental diseases. You can also get your pet some dog dental treats so that your dog does not start chewing things that they should not.

Even if you can take out few minutes a day, you can utilize it to provide oral care to your pets because it is not a very time consuming task. You can also order some cat accessories online in order to make things easier for you. This small investment of your money and time would save you a lot of money that you would have to spend in case your pet develops dental problems.

To start with, you should make sure that your pet’s teeth are brushed and cleaned regularly. You can order some soft brushes for your pet from cat toys shop India. This would make sure that anything stuck in your pet’s teeth is removed and they stay healthy. Secondly, you should offer your pet some dog dental treats. These treats keep your pet calm and also ensure that any additional plaque is removed. They also massage your pet’s gums.

Pets usually create a lot of fuss when you are cleaning their teeth. The secret of keeping them calm during this time is to make them comfortable on some cat furniture India. While your pet is seated comfortably, you can use that opportunity to give your pet some much needed dental care.

While you are brushing your pet’s teeth, make sure that you do it thoroughly. It is important that you do this job with patience and clean even the hard to reach areas. You can use special toothpastes meant only for pets. These toothpastes are easily available at cat toys shop India and ensure that your does not suffer from bad breath. Bad breath is a common problem in pets and it can become really irritating for the people around. To handle this problem you can also use some pet breath fresheners, easily available at pet stores.

You should also take your pet regularly to the veterinary doctor in order to ensure that you are doing everything right. A regular checkup from the doctor would also ensure that there is no risk of developing a dental disease.

Cat Care Tips – Learn How To Feed Medicines

Pet of all breeds and species need medication to stay fit and healthy for long. Your pets also need special care and medical supervisions. Veterinarians are of great help these days in feeding medicines, but it is ultimately you or your pet sitter who needs to feed the medicines on a regular basis. Though pet sitters can handle the task efficiently, it may sound difficult for you, especially when it comes to liquid medicine.
However, there are a number of easy techniques for capsules or tablets and liquids too. In this blog, we will help you to feed your cat with little effort and without any scratch and bite!
Mix with Cat Foods… Simple
Yes! it is an easy option to follow, but hard one if your cat can sense it. Get some food of his choice and initially, give a small quantity of food without medicine to earn his trust. If it goes well, head for the next step. Add medicine to a small amount of food. Don’t add it to the entire meal, as if it fail to complete the meal, he will not get appropriated dose.
Rather, you can give the dose in parts. For tablets, crush it well, and mix it with lunch, dinner and sometimes even with water (if it is water soluble) and feed it using a feeding bottle – a number of times.
Raw liquid medicines, if recommended are a necessary evil for your cat. But I can assure you, if you do it right, it is an easy job!
To Start With… Get the medication ready
For liquid medicines, a bottle shake is needed. Shake it well, and then withdraw the appropriate amount of the solution into the dropper or oral syringe given by your Vet. Keep the filled dropper or syringe aside somewhere handy.
Most of the time, cats goes aggressive and manifest unwillingness by throwing legs while taking the medicines. It, many times knocks down the entire bottle. To avoid the mess, place the bottle at a safe distance from you.
Don’t (show) Panic
If you are a first timer, feeding liquid medicine can be nerve-racking for you! Don’t blame yourself, as it is absolutely normal for any pet parent. But it is better not to express your feeling, as your cat will feel the same as well. So, stay calm and talk to your cat in a happy and encouraging voice.
Towel Wrap – It helps!
Yes.. this is a familiar method to administer any liquid solution to any small pet breeds. Wrap a towel or a small blanket against it, so that only its head sticks out. Place her back and head against something so that she cannot move away from you. After you wrap your cat, you can either place him on a dinner table – on eye level and ask someone to help you feed him, or can do it yourself by placing him between your knees, as you sit on the floor – it helps me! You can also think of any other position and comment here to let us know that!
Do Not Rush with the Medicine
After you are in a comfortable position, administer the medicine slowly and allow it some time to swallow. Then you can continue with next dose (if the dose is much more). After you are done, let it jiggle and wiggle for some time. It helps in digestion.
Bribe Time
I am sure, medicine is not something any cat looks for. So, it will never be a pleasant experience for your pet. But as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to cheer it up whatever it takes. Though you can get many ideas depending on the taste and preference of your pet, but an easy and instant way make it happy is to treat your cat with his favorite feed and gain ground for the next time!
Tip – A picture tells a thousand word, so go through youtube videos if you want to know how should your hold the jaws of your cat, what should be the positions of your finger and learn more on cat feeding!
Hope my blog comes handy the next time you feed your cat. I would love to hear from you if I missed something out. Comment and let me know how well you fed your cat!

5 Gifts That Make Best Surprises For Kitties

Pets deserves a lot more love than you actually give them. On boring days, when you have got nothing to do, spend sometime with them. Showing your love is the best way to pamper your pets, specially kitties. There is nothing quite as fun as spoiling your feline. Every kitty needs love and affection. The proud feline loves being spoiled. The best way to do so is to surprise them with gifts. Here are few things that can make best gift for feline.

1. Catnip toys

Stuffed toys like mice and birds are the best option to impress your kitty. They can spend hours playing with them and won’t disturb you while you are working. You can even get the laser light for her. Play hide and seek with her with these laser lights. She can spend hours chasing the red spot. You can even go for a scratching post or a ball of yarn. These are some of the favorite items of kitties and can keep them busy when you are not around.

2. Comfortable bed

Felines are basically lazy lads. They love sleeping comfortably and a bed can prove to be the best surprise. A cozy bed stuffed with old clothes and cotton can make the day of your kitty. It will be better if you keep the bed at a place near the window, for her to perch and observe nature, trees and birds.

3. Box to fit in

Kitty’s love for the boxes is a well known fact. All the feline lovers are fed up of their habit on sitting on the laptop. You can get a bright colored, comfortable box for her and place it near your work area. The kitty won’t disturb you if she finds a better looking place to sit in. The feeling of owing a place all by themselves is something that the kitties love.

4. Cat dress

There are a lot of cat dresses available online these days. These cat dresses are so cute that the kitty is gonna love it. Specially, you need to watch out for the cat apparel available at The bright color and cute designs of these dresses will surely add to the cuteness of the feline. Post the photo of your kitty all dressed up in these cat dresses on the social networking sites and make her the talk of the town.

5. Cat collar bow tie

Kitties don’t like wearing collars, even though it’s important. However, the one available at is irresistible both for you and your kitty. Pair them with the cat dress and make sure your feline have a good time flaunting her style.

Five Important Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Cat Feeder

Having pets at home is always fun. Those who pet animals also consider them as an integral part of the family. They feed them top quality food and take good care of them just like their own kids. Cats and dogs are the two most common animals that people like to pet. Where dogs are more sensible and obedient, cats on the other hand like to depend on the owners for literally everything. If you pet a cat and want to make sure that it doesn’t stay hungry in your absence, then you have to buy an automatic cat feeder. Cat owners are thankful to the person who invented this product because these simple yet highly effective devices have made things a lot easier for cat owners. The market is flooded with automatic cat feeders, so if you are planning to buy one, then you have to keep these below-mentioned five things in mind. You will certainly avoid wasting your time and money if you pay attention to these five points.

1. Top quality is not always depicted by the higher price

We usually believe that a pricey product are the ones that have the top-notch quality, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to automatic cat feeders, there are many available, which are quite cheap, yet offer the best solution for you and your cat. You should not include the price of the product as a buying criterion.

2. The operation of automatic pet feeders differs with the pellet size

Automatic cat feeders will not be able to determine as to what should be the pellet size and how do you want your cat to eat. There are many feeders that come with small kibbles, as they are manufactured with a roller and baffle system. This permits the device to push the food out in lesser quantity. Some automatic feeders operate with a screw system to push the food. Their operation is better because the food is released in small and specific quantity due to big pellet sizes.

3. Give your pet some time with the this product

It is not right to buy an automatic cat feeder just a few days before you leave for an outing. You have to allow your pet to get accustomed to the device. If you buy the device in a hurry, then there is a huge possibility that your cat will not eat food from the feeder. Your cat needs at least three weeks to understand that the food will be provided by the feeder, not you.

4. Cats are extremely versatile

When you are feeding your cat on your own, then you can control how much your cat will eat, but that’s not the case with automatic cat feeders. Cats are smart and they will find a way to get extra food from the feeders. Your cat can also break into the cat feeder in order to get the food. So, you have to find a way to ensure that your cat doesn’t get any extra food and also, doesn’t break the feeder.

5. Some automatic cat feeder brands offer less than the normal warranty

When buying a cat feeder, do check for the warranty that the company is giving to you. It should be at least a year or so, otherwise don’t buy the product. What if the product malfunctions after four months of use, and the warranty given by the company was just for three months? You will have to send the product for repairing and also pay the full repairing cost or you have to get a new device.

So, keep these things in mind while buying a cat feeder.

How To Raise Baby Ducks – Understand The Requirements of Ducklings First

Are you aware on how to raise baby ducks? If not, then this article will guide you a large number to know the requirements of ducklings. The majority of the individuals think that raising ducks is difficulty, but in reality, it’s quite easy, in the event you will consider care about some necessities. Let us take a look:

To begin with, it’s essential to know that baby ducks are quite possessive. What they see, they think. In the event you deal with them as your kids, they may get close to you and anticipate much more affection and attention out of you. If you do not deal with them well, then they will make strong bond with each other. So, in your checklist of how to raise baby ducks, you ought to include this factor for consideration.

Next, it is essential to understand which kind of meal is ideal for the baby ducks. Usually they have a much bigger appetite, and if they do not eat food, this means that they are sick. Do-it-yourself meals is the best option to go with, which incorporates a mix of dog and cat food with lots of veggies such as carrots, spinach, celery, romanian lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and so on.

You can also add fruits and eggs to meet the necessity of proteins and vitamins, but keep in mind, do not include surplus amount of fruits, because it might increase the droppings of ducks. Make certain the meals will be wet, as they like moist meals. If you would like to feed them through prepared produced meals, then duck starter meal or corn meal will be the suitable option.

How to raise baby ducks can also be addressed by providing them with a protecting shelter. You can purchase an enormous cage for the baby ducks, which ought to be wide and lengthy, as the child ducks are pretty active. They do not want to stay in the same place; hence, you need to provide them with a large shelter. An additional option can be the handcrafted shelters. They are made from the storage boxes of cardboard boxes. Keep in mind and don’t forget to make holes in these boxes for passage of fresh air and sunlight within.

The next important thought for raising baby ducks would be to provide them with sufficient warmth. Ducklings require a temperature about ninety to ninety two degrees at first 3 times, and eighty five to ninety degrees for the relaxation of 4-7 times. You need to consider treatment for them in a week, right immediately following the start. Afterwards, reduce the temperature until 5 degrees for each week, to ensure that they get totally feathered.

Learning how to raise baby ducks can be a problem in the event you provide them using insufficient quantity of drinking water. Child ducks love water, so make sure that their water bowls are sturdy and shallow, and so they can leap into the bowls whenever they need. Always remember to add some marbles or rocks inside the bowls, just to ensure the water can’t spill out. Also, they require drinking water in between their meals; hence, you should verify the amount of water every day. So, that’s all about how to raise baby ducks. Stick to these considerations for easy duck breeding and love them as much as you can.

What To Feed Pigeons For Optimum Health

When you are caring for animals such as pigeons, it is your responsibility to know which foods you need to give them so that they will have optimum health. For pigeons, choosing the most suitable feeds require knowledge about food ingestion and digestion by the birds. Proper nutrition accounts for the bird’s health. You can find various feeds in pet stores. Pigeons are known for eating different kinds of foods, but care should be given to allow the bird achieve optimum health. Here are several points to remember when feeding the birds.

  • Good quality nutrition can be achieved remembering that an adult pigeon would need about 500 grams of feeds.
  • All pigeons typically need a diet that is low in fiber.
  • Keep in mind that pigeons love seeds. Various types of seeds may be fed to the birds like canary seeds, linseed, safflower, barley, green peas and corn. Be careful in considering giving corn-based feeds to pigeons. Corn is a good food to feed pigeons particularly during cold seasons or months. Corn has fat contents that help keep the birds well insulated against the cold. At the same time, such fat contents are unhealthy because they can make your bird heavy. Feeds that contain dried field peas are a favorite of pigeons. Feeding them with such foods will make the birds healthy and happy. Peas help enhance the muscles, feathers, bones and internal bodily functions of pigeons. Another kind of wheat that pigeons are known to like is sorghum. It can provide a steady nutrition base for the birds. This wheat is small and are easily opened, easily digested by the pigeons and easily afforded too. Barley is a great occasional feed for pigeons that offer hearty sustenance for the birds. Additional wheat grains in pigeons’ food may also be good, especially redder grains with hard outer surface. Pigeons do not like soft wheat because it does not work out their beaks.
  • Pigeons may also feed on vegetables. Fresh greens can be added to the birds’ diet; like watercress, spinach, chickweed and endive. Ensure the safety and freshness of vegetables you feed your pigeons. The cage should always be cleaned to get rid of leftover foods that may cause growth of bacteria. Allowing these leftovers will just pose high risk to the birds’ health.
  • Fruits are also healthy for pigeons. They serve as health supplement. Examples of fruits that can be fed to these birds are berries, pears, apples, oranges and water-soaked raisins. Like vegetables, these fruits must be ensured clean and safe. Leftovers must not be left inside the pigeon cage to keep it free from bacteria.
  • Pellets help supplement the health of pigeons with protein from real meat. These pellets have high amounts of amino acids and proteins that pigeons need.
  • Avoid adding antibiotics with pigeon feeds.
  • You need to supplement the birds’ health with minerals and vitamins such as calcium.
  • Always offer your pigeons with fresh, clean water and foods. Aside from cleaning the cage, always change the water for the pigeons to drink.

Attempting to Find Canary Birds For Sale

If you happen to be trying to discover a pet that’s both small and easy to look after then a bird could be the best choice. Birds are normally extremely social pets, and took care of within the right environment will talk and sing to you to keep you company. Canary birds may be an extremely common choice though many people are determined to find African Greys for sale.

Before selecting between birds like canaries or African Greys you should determine what you actually need a pet bird for. An additional factor is how long have you got to spend with a bird, as they are very social creatures, particularly parrots.

Caring for any African grey parrot

Of the many members of the parrot family the African grey is seen as one of the most popular, chiefly because it is one of the most intelligent. Though, having a smart pet brings with it a great deal of responsibility, it needs a lot of stimulation, so you’ll have to supply it with a lot of toys, and for mental stimulation it requires that you interact with it a lot. And this tends to take several hours each day to keep it content and healthy. This is the point where you teach it to speak. It is much better to search for breeders which have African Greys the sale as they would have been well looked after.

It is essential that you give them plenty of mental stimulation, or they’ll find ways to entertain themselves, including damaging your furniture. You need to treat them such as you would any member of the family, and respect their choices.

The way to go about selecting a canary bird

With respect to caring for any canary, they are not as hard as parrots. They usually do not like being handled, so if they choose to sit on your hand, head or arm they have confidence in you implicitly.

You will see plenty of canary birds for sale, they are very popular. The reason for their popularity is that they can sing. And, to plenty of people surprise they are available in more colors than simply canary yellow, you will find them in red, white and orange along with other colors.

All You Need To Know About The Homemade Chicken Feeder And Incubator

Raising chicken is a good sustainable income project. Moreover, it is a healthy and productive way of spending your free time. This is because chicken keep the compound free of insects and provide fresh protein-rich eggs. In order to improve the living conditions and productivity of chicken, the farmer should start investing in better methods of raising their poultry. He or she should adopt new ways of feeding the chicken and invest in devices that will maximize their production. This can be achieved by using a homemade chicken feeder and homemade chicken incubator respectively.

Homemade incubator

Incubators are devices that are used to hatch eggs for experimental purposes or so as to increase the number of chickens in a farm. You can make a homemade incubator using simple materials, such as a box and a heat source. On the other hand, you can decide to come up with a more elaborate assembly that is able to control, not only the temperature, but also the humidity in the incubator.

You should design it in such a way that it allows proper circulation of air. Therefore, make openings on the sides of the box and also under it. Use recycled commercial egg trays and egg cartons to hold the eggs in place and install a light bulb to provide warmth. If you want to maximize the number of eggs that hatch, you will have to install temperature and humidity controllers.

Homemade feeder

Chicken farmers always look for ways to feed their chicken effectively while minimizing the amount of food that goes to waste. There are some commercial feeders that are designed for that purpose. However, they are expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget, it is better to use readily available materials to make homemade feeders.

There are two types of homemade feeders that are commonly used. They are the PVC pipe feeders and the bucket feeders. The PVC feeders are made from modified PVC pipes. They prevent the chicken from scratching the food out and have drains that prevent accumulation of water in case of rain.

On the other hand Bucket feeders are simpler to construct. Buckets are readily available, so the only cost you incur is for a few of the other parts. Finally, they are able to hold more food, so they do not need constant refilling.

Those are some of the basic things you need to know about the homemade chicken incubator and the homemade chicken feeder. They are very reliable and help increase production in a chicken farm. Therefore, every farmer should learn how to make and use them.